The 7-Point check to help reduce your chance of being a victim of Ransomware.

The 7-Point check to help reduce your chance of being a victim of Ransomware.


Ransomware is the scourge of businesses who rely on their IT systems and data on a daily basis to operate effectively.

It’s an infection typically delivered via email or via a webpage that knows no bounds and the scary truth is that nobody is safe. The latest version for example, doesn’t even bother to encrypt your files or system and just deletes them and messes up your system files giving you the headache and financial penalty of having to start again from scratch and restore your entire system.

For SME’s this can result in hours of downtime while for larger organisations it could take days and weeks.

As a business, we’re often asked how clients, regardless of their size, can protect themselves against a threat that is constantly changing and help them avoid being held to ransom over access to their computer networks and data.

While it is possible to put some measures in place that protect your business against email and web attacks it is not the only answer – by becoming more vigilant each of your computer users need to be aware of this growing problem and take a second to think before they open emails.

As an example, these bogus emails are often out of context with the other emails that are received as part of your normal working day, the grammar is poor and in every instance, there is always an attachment!

So how do you and your colleagues protect yourself from Ransomware and the problems that go along with it? Here’s a 7-point check we provide our clients with as part of our standard service. To date, these have prevented numerous instances of Ransomware viruses and while they’re common sense, worth everyone keeping close at hand.

  • Think before your click
  • Keep your computer software up to date
  • Install and maintain a commercial anti-virus
  • Employ Web Protection
  • Get a good spam filter
  • Backup, Backup, Backup
  • Stay Alert!