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Trust, honesty, integrity, quality, reliability and respect.

We are focused on assisting our clients to do things better which comes from working together in partnership. Our aim is to improve business efficiency, effectiveness and profitability through the use of technology. Whilst we started out as an IT support company here in York, we have grown into a holistic provider for all IT and Telecommunication services. We have developed a practical approach to doing business and we remain focused on making things simple and effective. We firmly believe that business is done face to face and the simple cliché of ‘people buy from people’ is one that we continue to trust. We pride ourselves on outstanding client care that leads to better and more fruitful relationships with our clients and suppliers.
About us

Clearwave is a diverse IT service provider with years of expertise in a variety of technological methods. We bring clients the best of both worlds in saving them both time and valuable resources. Clearwave believes in not only bringing technology to the marketplace but streamlining your processes to make your business more effective.

Clearwave’s strongest advantage is its excellent understanding of technology and how to implement processes into your business that are cost effective. We believe in our clients and because of our strong work ethic we are able to be proactive in identifying our clients needs.

Clearwave delivers a full range of products including IT and Telecommunications which has been consolidated into our Total Affinity Suite. Our aim is help clients improve their efficiency, effectiveness and profitability with the use of technology. We are small and strong team who work diligently to acheive the best for our clients. Through our technological processes, understanding of client needs, financial transparency and good enterprise practices, Clearwave’s clients receive the benefits of our expert staff and proven IT solutions. We look forward to working with you.

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Building a successful business is about selecting the right people. We have carefully selected people for each of the key roles.

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