Acorus Rural Property Services Ltd

Acorus Rural Property Services trade as Chartered Surveyors offering services ranging from planning consultancy, architectural services, project management and property sales operating nationwide from strategically located offices throughout the UK.

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By using Total Affinity from Clearwave, we’re able to link our offices, secure our clients confidential data and access information from any location in the world from either a handheld device, laptop or Desktop.


The peace of mind we gain from using Clearwave comes from knowing that they’ll respond to any questions or problems our users face immediately and wholeheartedly to the extent that by working together with our main point of contact that we have no need for a dedicated IT department.


Although difficult to put a figure on it, the ability to reduce the need for an additional overhead combined with the time we now have to concentrate on our business and personal goals while not worrying about IT issues relating to hardware, software, communication or security issues has been invaluable.

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