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Having fast, secure and reliable access to the Internet is essential for an efficient business. With Affinity Connex from Clearwave your business receives an uncongested service that responds well to internet peak times making you more productive.

All that we would like you to know is that we’ve tested every one of our products to the limit to make your business life easier and for your time to be used more effectively.


Having fast, secure and reliable business broadband access to the Internet is essential. But at peak times of the day it’s often interrupted and if it goes down altogether who do you contact to have it up and running again?

With Affinity Broadband from Clearwave, through one point of contact, your business receives an uncongested service that responds well to Internet peak times. It’s as simple as that.


Using a well managed system we reserve an appropriate amount of space (sometimes referred to as ‘Bandwidth’) unlike other providers. Working in conjunction with our Affinity Hosted Desktop system it ensures a fast and reliable connection to the Internet for your company either in the office or from work stations based at home.


Because it’s managed by Clearwave, you have one point of contact should issues arise without being held in a queue or being passed to a call centre in another country. This alone will save your company time and money.


Our Affinity Broadband connection is not your ordinary domestic service. We offer 100% business broadband services that are both reliable and stable. Offering you a service that beats out any other competition.

Peak Performance

Affinity Broadband runs optimally during business hours giving you fast uncontested speeds at times when you need it most. This is important for your business growth giving you peace of mind.


Affinity Broadband offers you a stable service that you can rely on. We understand the needs of our clients and having a stable broadband connection is key, so that your business can stay connected.

One Point of Contact

Having one point of contact means less stress for you. If you have questions or specific needs, all you have to do is pick up the phone and we are available for you. This saves you precious time so you can stay focused on what is important; your business.

Home or Office

Moving your business to Affinity Broadband is not as complicated as you may think. We can set up your connection at your home or office. Having Clearwave manage your broadband business connection is simple and gives you peace of mind.


We believe in providing knowledgeable and immediate support in the event of a problem. We are available to answer your questions and make your enquires our highest priority. We can fix the majority of your issues remotely which means a fix within minutes.

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