Be free to wander in The Cloud with Affinity Desktop

Have you thought is there a better way to work? Our Affinity remote desktop solution can free you from the ties that bind you to your desk and put everything you do on your computer online.

The Internet becomes your new hard drive so you can log on and securely access your files, data and software applications from anywhere, saving you time, energy and resources. This leaves you free to carry on working as if you were sitting at your desk. It is a Affinity Desktop Solution for your business.


Capital Expenditure is one area of business that affects both established and start-up companies. The one thing they have in common is the upfront outlay required for the computers, servers and licences necessary to operate a secure, stable and reliable IT system. Affinity remote desktop from Clearwave replaces the need for that and with one single point of contact reduces the need for IT specialist staffing.


Affinity Desktop simply replaces the need to replenish hardware such as PC’s or Laptops upfront. It maintains licenses and provides safe and secure storage for your files as they’re saved.

It’s flexible enough to work from an Internet connection anywhere in the world helping standardise the look of your office and email. It delivers a professional and consistent approach to how you appear to those both inside and outside of your business.


When we developed and tested each of our products, financial as well as technical benefits were the driving factors. Because we offer predictable costs in an ever-changing business world, our system replaces the need for you to worry about the constant changes in technology, making terms like ‘capital outlay’ a part of history.


Our Affinity Desktop ensures that your data is protected to the highest possible security level. All your data is stored in high level security data centres throughout the UK. We take security as our first priority.


Our Affinity Desktop works extremely efficiently when coupled with our high speed business broadband connection. You will never be lagging and find your workflow is fast and productive.


Our Affinity Desktop is easily scalable as your business grows. This can all be done within 24 hours which gives you complete control over the scalability of service.


At Clearwave we can guarantee that your Affinity Desktop will be up and running 99% of the time. In the event of an unlikely failure we have systems in place to guarantee that your data is protected and there is minimal disruption to your business.


Moving your business to Affinity Desktop is not as complicated as you may think. Working on The Cloud is like working on a standard PC. It will look familiar but the difference is you will have our IT support combined with super fast connections, without the expense of employing your own IT department.


We believe in giving knowledgeable and immediate support in the event of a problem. We are available to answer your questions and make your enquires our highest priority. We can fix the majority of your issues remotely which means a fix within minutes.

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