Are you really in danger from a cyber security attack?

Imminent cyber security attack – fact or fiction?

Well, according to the government’s Cyber Security Small Business Guide you have a 1 in 2 chance that could result in costs of £1400!

So wouldn’t it be much better to put your house in order now to avoid this very real threat starting with one of the most effective tools –  anti-virus software.

It’s worthwhile having an IT expert check out the computers in your business to make absolutely sure the virus protection your using has been installed and is effective against most threats.

We have found that many businesses think they have adequate protection but in reality they have scant protection especially when they have been lured to install the free versions of anti-virus software that quite frankly do not provide adequate protection and here’s why you are at most risk if you are using free virus software:

The risks of using free anti-virus software

Limited Protection

Most of the major anti-virus companies provide a free version just to persuade you to buy their premium product. You may have seen notices saying ‘This is a basic version only, click here to protect your computer completely’ right from the first day of your free antivirus usage.

Therefore, the companies themselves are in fact admitting that their free version is not offering complete protection. They deliberately withhold the advanced features with the free versions. Consequently, your computer is more prone to threats.

In fact malicious programs, being created these days can bypass any free antivirus available today, no matter how alluring their promises are.

No Customer Support

Usually there is no customer support with free anti-virus software and often and especially with anti-virus software you need professional advice on how to set it up properly.

Not Many Scanning Options

With premium anti-virus software you have several scanning options including full, quick, custom, removable media, root kit etc. Unfortunately, you cannot find all of this on a free antivirus utility that serves the purpose of basic scanning.

In addition premium anti-virus scans every file that is opened and every email (attachment as well) you receive. It also does not allow you to land on a malicious website. However all these features are not present on most of the free antivirus tools.

Lack of Frequent Updates

Every day lots of new viruses are released and millions of systems are being infected. Therefore, it is important for an antivirus to update its database.

If you are a free antivirus user, the chances are you will not be able to get regular updates and thus be exposed to a large number of threats.

However, paid antivirus software warns you if no updates have been installed for a long time. Moreover, with an internet connection, it will be updated itself without disturbing you.

Some Free Antivirus may Contain Malware

Whenever you find a new free antivirus on the market, you need to be extra vigilant in case the people behind it have integrated some malicious codes into their programs, so that they can steal your banking or private details.

Why take the risk?

With a 50/50 chance of your business being attacked this year that could result in costs of £1400 and untold damage to your business’s reputation having your computers checked by ourselves and having effective premium (not free) anti virus software installed is really a no brainer.

As a first step why not contact us now for a free consultation?