The latest malware threat BadRabbit appears to be a variant of an earlier Ransomware nasty earlier in the year.

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At the moment, it seems to be primarily targeting organisations in Russia and Eastern Europe but could easily spread. The malware if contracted encrypts files and replaces the MBR (Master Boot Record) of the device infected effectively disabling the device køb viagra i danmark. The user is then presented with the option to pay a ransom of 0.05 Bitcoin (about US$275) to decrypt the device. There is no evidence yet whether or not paying the ransom actually decrypts the device.

BadRabbit masquerades as an Adobe Flash update, tricking you to install it. This can be delivered via a compromised website or an email attachment. Once a device is infected it also attempts to spread across the local network. The Good News is that if as a Clearwave Client you have our Managed Anti Virus you are protected from this nasty malware virus.

Additionally Clearwave Clients that subscribe to the patch management service can sleep easier knowing that their computer system are up to date with the latest software updates from Microsoft and Adobe.