Cyber attack; when, not if

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Cyber attack; when, not if

cyber attackIs the next cyber attack on the UK imminent?

Ciaran Martin, Head of UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has warned that a major cyber attack on the UK is a matter of “when, not if”. It has long been known that viruses’ or malicious software have existed and the disruption they can cause. Last year saw the devastation that WannaCry and Petya caused to the NHS, UK Business and Europe organisations. This statement from Ciaran Martin highlights the reality of the increasing cyber threats.

Why people are the weak link in the chain

Cyber attacks come in many forms however their delivery remains fairly consistent, email attachments, web pages and USB devices. The virus are designed to infiltrate defences both electronic and human and this is key to the overall success of viruses. People are often the weak link in the chain of defences, opening an email attachment, visiting a web page or inserting a USB stick without stopping think what might happen if a virus is present in there. No longer can we be complacent and we must move to a state of ‘No Trust’ and change our mode of thought zithromax 500 mg cena. Bend our minds to be more aware of the threats that are present today.

Hackers can launch a cyber attack anytime, anywhere

Hackers are bright and often highly skilled people who are constantly evolving the threat, finding new ways to overcome the very best protection. In 2016 the US Democratic party suffered a cyber attack and in 2015 a French television station. Whilst these are high profile targets, hackers often do not care; they want to gain access to systems wherever they are. They want to use other people’s computing power for gain whether it be directly through Ransomware or indirectly to combine computing power for large scale attacks.

How Clearwave protects its clients

Just this week we have seen a new virus infiltrate one of our clients which caused a fair amount of disruption to daily operations. Clearwave responded to this new threat, worked with the relevant suppliers, cauterised, repaired and restored service promptly. Clearwave have always made it a top priority to monitor the ever-changing threat landscape.

New Clearwave projects to defeat cyber attacks

This year we have initiated two internal projects focused on security and protection; Project Nebula and Cylance. These projects will look at increasing the level of protection and should they be adopted, help to curb the changing face of cyber threats for our clients. These projects will contain leading edge technologies however it should be remembered that people have a part to play in protecting systems and everyone should remain vigilant always!