Cyber Security Quiz

 GDPR and Data Protection

What you need to know

As you may be aware Under the Data Protection Act, you have responsibilities to protect the personal information that you and your staff collect and use by having appropriate security to prevent it being accidentally or deliberately compromised.

Did you know that breaches of data protection legislation could lead to your business incurring a fine of up to £500,000 in serious cases?

The reputation of your business could also be damaged if inadequate security contributes to high profile incidents of data loss or theft.

According to recent government statistics four in ten (43%) of businesses and two in ten charities (19%) suffered a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months so it’s vital that you have adequate data protection.

Find out if the data protection measures you have in place are adequate by answering 5 questions about your Cyber Security. It takes just a minute to answer the questions, you’ll get the result immediately and it could save you a hefty fine and damage to your business’s reputation!

Are you vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

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