Surprisingly your new laptop could be easily hacked this way

According to a recent article from the BBC online technology section an American technology researcher has just discovered that a MacBook charger can be altered making it possible to hijack a user’s computer and worryingly they won’t have any idea that this has happened!

These square MacBook chargers are extensively used so this weakness if exploited could pose a serious threat to all MacBook users using the USB-C for power.

The researcher managed to open the charger and insert components that enabled him to  insert a fake log-in screen into a website.  This could be used to capture any data entered.

The researcher explained that although he was just capturing a username and password in his experiment this method could also be used to introduce malware, root kits and malicious infections.

He also thought that this kind of attack would probably work on any other machines that use the USB-C to get its power such as HP, Lenovo and many others..

For more information read the full BBC article here

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