What Is Total Affinity?

Put simply its an IT solution that helps you manage the costs of technology, resources and devices. With one point of contact Total Affinity is an IT solution created personally for your business needs, allowing you to spend more time running your business rather than having to deal with IT frustrations.

In the past technologies like computers, internet connections and telephone systems would be treated as separate entities. Today things are different with technologies having closer connections and sharing resources working and interacting together. This new perspective is called converged technology which is at the centre of Total Affinity where one trusted provider intelligently brings together key technologies of IT, telephony, data and computer networking interlinking each to achieve an efficient business IT system.

Technology is a key driver of change in most businesses. It brings opportunities to cut operating costs, helps your employees work more efficiently and improves the service you offer to your clients. But the IT landscape is getting more complex, and it’s hard to keep up with the skills and knowledge you need to run your business and stay current in your industry. Total Affinity was designed to provide a flexible and stable IT system to help you run your business.


Total Affinity from Clearwave is just as it sounds – a combination of the four main products outlined individually within this information pack at a fixed monthly price.


Put simply, it’s an IT solution that’s been developed with businesses like yours in mind. Using Clearwave as your IT partner will help to manage the costs associated with technology, people and equipment acheter viagra belgique sans ordonnance. It’s something that is created personally for your business needs allowing you to spend more time running your company rather than having to deal with recurring IT tasks personally.


Reducing costs while increasing efficiency are the core benefits of Total Affinity. With one point of contact taking care of everything you would expect from an IT department of your own, you’ll be able to free up valuable resources for the areas of your business that drive greater profits.

Affinity Desktop

Managed IT Solutions

Affinity Desktop saves you time & allows you to access your files, emails and apps securely anywhere in the world at anytime.

Affinity Broadband

Reliable Connection

Affinity Broadband is a fast, stable and reliable business broadband service that will help your business be more productive.

Affinity Devices

Secure Peripherals

Affinity Devices has your business in mind. Affinity provides affordable, reliable and secure tools for your company.

Affinity Netcall

Affordable Calls

Affinity Netcall allows your business to communicate affordably, clearly and effectively at any time, anywhere.

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