Vita Hardware Ltd

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and with production plants in the Far East, Vita Hardware manufacture and supply high quality hardware fittings for windows and doors for major businesses throughout the UK.

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As the company grew, we had to let go of the past where IT was concerned and make the investment away from basic email system, network attached storage devices and basic broadband weren’t coping with our business demands. By investing in Total Affinity from Clearwave, the IT issues we faced in the past have gone and, as a result our business efficiency has increased between 80% and 90%.


Using Total Affinity has helped our team collaborate quickly and with the back-up services we enjoy from Clearwave our IT needs and questions are resolved quickly and professionally. In a very short space of time they have become more that simply an outsourced IT department, but valuable and trusted business partners.


Thanks to being able to work on fixed monthly fee, we’re able to control our cash-flow and amortise any hardware costs over time without ever falling into the trap of being responsible for out-of-date hardware and software while also enjoying the financial benefit outsourcing our IT Management so professionally brings us.

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