What is an MSP and why should you care?

What is an MSP and why should you care?

An MSP or Managed Services Provider refers to a company that partners with yours to make sure your technology infrastructure and applications are running efficiently to achieve your business goals. To do this, an MSP remotely monitors your network 24/7 to ensure your data as well as your applications are secure. This way, you or your customers won’t get affected with any potential technology problems.

An MSP ensures you have the most efficient IT infrastructure and applications in place to achieve your business goals.

This is done by remotely monitoring your network 24/7 to make sure your data and applications are secure. Doing so ensures your customers won’t be affected by any problems resulting from data loss etc. In addition an MSP leaves you and your staff more time to focus on growing your business and increasing profitability.

With an MSP you’re gaining the expertise of a Professional IT Team without having to pay their salaries, national insurance etc as you would have to if they were your own full time employees.

Here are the 3 main benefits from using an MSP:

You won’t have to spend any time dealing with or worrying about technology issues

Let your MSP take the worry out of IT issues and allow your MSP to focus on what they do best and are experts in. This of course means you are free to focus on what you do best and are an expert in regardless of your area of expertise.  Your IT System will be more efficient and so will you!  You’ll also likely save money on staff training since you will no longer be directly responsible for your IT Systems.

You and your team will become more productive

An MSP uses their expertise to provide you with the best IT solution so you won’t have to come up with your own.

Thus you will be freed from having to spend possibly many hours on resolving challenging IT issues since an MSP and their team are capable of solving the simplest to the most complex of IT related issues.

The outcome means you and your team will be able to concentrate on your main tasks thereby increasing your productivity.

You will be protected against viruses, malware and ransomware

An MSP will perform a daily check for software updates, operating system patches, anti virus checks, disk space, load monitoring, log monitoring, backup checks, scheduled reboots, automated disk clean up, hacker check and will also prevent the installation of unauthorised software thereby reducing the risk of downtime due to fixing problems rather than preventing them.

Choosing an MSP can lead to a significant improvement in your efficiency, productivity and profitability.  Of course you need to make sure the MSP you choose has the expertise you need and who’s highly regarded by their Clients. We believe Clearwave Enterprise Solutions has the expertise you need but please don’t take our word for it ask some of our Clients whose case studies we feature on our website here https://clearwave.co.uk/casestudies.

Then if you’d like to find out how we can help your business increase its efficiency, productivity and profitability please request a free Office Technology Strategy Consultation here https://clearwave.co.uk/freeconsultation.