What is your business focused on?

The founder of Amazon attributes their success to just that as his letter to Amazon’s shareholders explains:

Hey, Matt here.

Amazon is a company like no other. They redefine industries. They innovate. They boldly go where others won’t (have you seen the latest Amazon Key feature?).

But that’s not why they are so great. They are great, and they can do all these great things, because they put their customers first.

No. Scratch that. They’re customer obsessed!

Jeff Bezos insists on, what he calls, “Day 1” philosophy. Essentially, that means:

  1. customer obsession
  2. a skeptical view of proxies
  3. the eager adoption of external trends
  4. and high-velocity decision making

He explains it further in the 2016 Letter to Shareholders:

True Customer Obsession

There are many ways to center a business. You can be competitor focused, you can be product focused, you can be technology focused, you can be business model focused, and there are more.

But in my view, obsessive customer focus is by far the most protective of Day 1 vitality.


There are many advantages to a customer-centric approach, but here’s the big one: customers are always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied, even when they report being happy and business is great.

Even when they don’t yet know it, customers want something better, and your desire to delight customers will drive you to invent on their behalf.

No customer ever asked Amazon to create the Prime membership program, but it sure turns out they wanted it, and I could give you many such examples.

Staying in Day 1 requires you to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings, and double down when you see customer delight.

A customer-obsessed culture best creates the conditions where all of that can happen.

Here, in these few lines, you can see why Amazon is such a great company. This is the exact approach to business you should have, if you want to build a lasting business.

This is the exact approach we have at Clearwave Enterprise Solutions. Through our product team, support team and development team our goal is simply this – to enable our clients to become more successful by ensuring their IT infrastructure supports their business goals.

We never forget that without our clients we don’t have a business. In other words if our clients do well we do well and if they fail, we fail.

Many businesses today focus on their competition and forget about their clients. The smart businesses know that their success depends on them enabling their clients to become more successful and instead of meeting their expectations – exceeding them!!!!

And everything Clerwave Enterprise Solutions does is guided by that overriding principle. As the American entrepreneur and philosopher Jim Rohn said:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

All businesses would do well to remember these words.