Wigwam Marketing

Wigwam Marketing are an SME based in Glasgow and Greater Manchester.

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In our world, the ability to constantly communicate with and on behalf of our clients via traditional and online media channels 24/7 is essential. We need to constantly maintain our technology capability to compete successfully and build on our reputation with clients we’ve worked hard to gain.


As a marketing business, we need to be able to share and protect creative and data files securely and efficiently across IOS, Adobe and Windows platforms. This helps to ensure our consistency of approach and avoids loss or duplication of our work to help make sure each billable hour we spend working on behalf of our clients delivers efficiency and effectiveness for both parties.


Working with Clearwave has allowed us to forego the expense of a traditional IT Manager in favour of adding a creative resource that benefits our clients. Their Total Affinity products and services have allowed us to concentrate on building our business confidently and effectively regardless of when we are working remotely or at the agency. This kind of flexibility has allowed us the time to grow and double our turnover in the last year – something we couldn’t have done without the support that Clearwave provide.

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