Achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability with Clearwave’s new approach to business and technology

Clearwave is focused on assisting its clients in improving business efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. We believe in a way of thinking that is about doing things better, if you like constant and continuous improvement. We remain focused on making things simple and effective. We firmly believe that business is done face to face and the simple cliché of ‘people buy from people’ is one that we continue to trust. We pride ourselves on outstanding client care that leads to better and more fruitful relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Discover Total Affinity for your business

Total Affinity provides an IT solution that has been developed with your business in mind. It’s goals are simple, improve business efficiency and provide one point of contact. Why waste time trying to manage your own IT and all that this brings? Watch our short animated video for a quick introduction to Total Affinity.
Clearwave prides itself on speaking plain English, helping you to grips with the latest technology. We are passionate about helping UK SME’s get the most out of their IT. Our IT support enables businesses to overcome the barriers to using modern technology and allowing them to focus on their own business.

Affinity Desktop

Managed IT Solutions

Affinity Desktop saves you time & allows you to access your files, emails and apps securely anywhere in the world at anytime.

Affinity Broadband

Reliable Connection

Affinity Broadband is a fast, stable and reliable business broadband service that will help your business be more productive.

Affinity Devices

Secure Peripherals

Affinity Devices have your business in mind. Affinity Devices provide affordable, reliable and secure tools for your company.

Affinity NetCall

Affordable Calls

Affinity NetCall is an integrated VoIP allows your business to communicate affordably, clearly and effectively at any time, anywhere.

Smarter IT solutions and IT support that saves you time, improve business performance and remove IT frustrations with one point of contact.

Proactive Services : Business IT Support

Your business needs reliable and responsive IT that is monitored and available. You need IT support and a solution that doesn’t let you down and helps you stay ahead in today’s ever changing  marketplace. Our Total Affinity is designed to perfectly meet your IT needs. 

Our proactive managed IT services encompass Affinity Desktop, Affinity Broadband, Affinity Devices and Affinity NetCall. We believe that our IT Suite will be the last and only solution you choose giving you the freedom and time to run your business.

Smarter IT Solutions : Total Affinity

Technology is a key driver of change in most businesses. We know that is difficult to keep pace with that change and that is were we can help. We have put together professional solutions that help you stay focused on what is important – Your Business.

We recognise that it is imperative that our business approach creates high standards ensuring that your business has more time to be effective in the marketplace and has more resources to keep pushing your business forward.

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